3D-Rendering of a Palm Pilot


Hint: all images can be enlagred by downloading or opening them in a new tab.

After discovering the "Blender 2.8 Beginner Tutorial Series" from "Blender Guru" and working through Level 1 and 2, I deciced to work on my own project. This is my frist rendering after this tutorial and a subject in "Maya Modelling" back in 2013/2014. Thematically it is very similar to the other projects on this website:

#1: A very basic shape of the Palm Pilot.

#2: Some colors to see the difference between the screen and the graffiti-area.

#3: The small green button in the bottom left corner.

#4: Some holes for the push-buttons and a nicer socket.

#5: The push-buttons themselves.

#6: A small gap in the case, where the front and back are merged.

#7: The contrast-wheel on the left and a hole of the pen.

#8: The battery cover on the back side. In this picture only visible on the lower left side.

#9: Only a second light-source to be able to see some details better, like the battery cover, the pen-hole and the contrast-wheel.

#10: The back-view with some details like the battery cover, the memory cover and the sticker-area.

#11: The dock-connector on the bottom.

#12: A first attempt to attach a logo. (After a good friend gave me a advice: Creating own planes for the logo. - Thanks Adam!)

#13: A second logo ("USRobotics") in the right upper corner.

#14: Symbols for the buttons.

#15: Some structure for the housing and a recognizable graffiti area.

#16: Of course, the stylus must not be missing either.

#17: First attempts to render a finished scene: Unfortunately without reflection in the display.

#18: Second attempts: Now the pen is reflected in the display.

This is a reference picture of a real Palm Pilot 5000.

This is the final rendering in 4K-resolution and denoised: 3D_Render_19_4K_Denoised.png

All project-data incl. blender-save-files and refence-pictures: Palm_Pilot_Blender-Sources.zip